Itza and the Assassin Book Cover

"Itza and the Assassin"
The 3rd book in the Anders Action/Adventure Series. Anders, Esse, Dona Marie and the girls are a dangerous, dysfunctional, but loving family.
Itza, Dona Marie’s friend called: “Help! My butler, Juan, is hiding me in the wine cellar. The police have issued an arrest warrant, and the crime cartel has sent people to the estate looking for me.”
“Can you get out of town?”
“No, the police will pick me up at any airport or border crossing. I’m stuck.”

Anders the Assassin - Book 2

"Anders the Assassin"
Book # 2 in the Anders Action/Adventure Series. Anders is losing control. Dona Marie, his Spanish lover is rich, beautiful, and deadly. She has vowed to either change him or kill him!
The Latina girls he saved from the sex trade have studied and trained and are now as deadly as he.
The cold blooded killer, an emotionless man, is now surrounded by a houseful of warm, loving women who drive him crazy. This is his dangerous new family.

Esse and the Assassin book cover

"Esse and the Assassin"
Book # 1 in the Anders Action/Adventure Series. A quiet retirement, the end of a long career working for the government as an assassin, and a fixer. Now the peace and quiet of the nature refuge.
In your dreams!!
Anders rescues some Latina girls from the sex trade, not an easy task. Some end up dead, others wounded. Add in a beautiful crazy Spanish woman who changes everything. Fate sometimes alters even the best plans.

Coastal Cruising for Trailer Sailors book cover

"Coastal Cruising for Trailer Sailors"
is about sailing in Coastal New England on three different trailer sailors, swing keel sloops, (17', 21', 25') all named Aegir. Sailing Aegir was scary and fun. I learned a lot, the hard way. I slowly became a sailor. My first book covers five years of Coastal Sailing.

The Chassahowitzka River book cover

"The Chassahowitzka River"
will introduce you to a river dear to our hearts. It is a photographic journey where we will show you pictures of the things that have caught our interest. Places, Birds, Flowers, People, and the Springs that make this river famous. We have made dozens of trips in our Jon boat
to get these images.

Coastal Cruising Reflections book cover

"Coastal Cruising Reflections"
is a collection of boat logs and stories about sailing my 25' Ericson fixed keel sloop, named Aegir, along the New England Coast from Cape Cod to New Brunswick, Canada. Aegir and I sailed together for thirty years. The single handed sailor alternates between boredom and terror. (I exaggerate)

Remember, e-books save trees.

Lina Beal's photo

Lina Beal

I was raised in Eastern a little fishing village called Jonesport. I attended the University of Maine, and am the mother of three beautiful daughters. (ok, 2 of 3) Because of my love for flowers, I started a business called "Purrfect Posies".

Living in cranberry country (not just fishing country) led to my purchase of an internet business called Weownit Cranberry Company. I worked for eighteen years at Jonesport Nautical Antiques. I would describe the pay there as "slave wages!" I am also a sailor, photographer, and swamp dweller.

Bernie Sund's photo

Bernie Sund

A New Englander. I served in the Army Security Agency in Germany and stayed in Europe for a while, fooling around in Spain and Portugal. I worked in a mental hospital, nursing homes, plastic shops, and then thought college might be good. It was great!

I have spent a lifetime around the water. As a kid, rivers, swamps, and ponds. Later, it was lakes, large and small. A few dives in the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, and Belize.
My interests include writing, nautical antiques, sailing the coast of New England, and exploring the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge.


Our books reflect where we live. Florida in the winter - Maine in summer.
We use kayaks and a Jon boat to explore the Chassahowitzka River and the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge.
When we return to Jonesport, Maine we sail and sometimes race "Irene" a Cape Dory 25s on Chandler Bay in Downeast Maine.